Prerequisites Of A Beach Wedding

Prerequisites Of A Beach WeddingGoing for a beach wedding is so romantic and it doesn’t make anyone wonder why a lot of couples actually choose this kind of theme when they tie the knot. I mean, the sunset, the breeze and the sound of the ocean… you have to admit it all sounds immaculate. If you live near a beach area, then may I just say you’re so lucky! Others would think getting married in a beach setting would be so expensive. Little do they know that this could actually be one of the most affordable wedding setups they could ever plan to have. Church weddings and hotels are more expensive than beach weddings. But then of course, it would depend on the type of beach resort because if you pick a resort in the Caribbean or The Bahamas, then don’t expect them to be cheap.

Here are the things to consider when preparing for a beach wedding.

1.Transfers: this would also help your guests and their convenience to get to the beach wedding location. Make sure that you have arranged this well before hand because this could cause chaos if it is not well prepared.

2.Cabins and Rooms: given that the location would be out of the city or your usual area, you have to tackle and arrange how would you plan to have your guests be comfortable while they are in that area. You could tell them in advance if you would be paying for their room and boards, or you could also tell them that they have to shoulder it. This has to be done at least 6 months before you arrange for the final touches of your location.

3.Guest List: this is another thing that you have to be sure of, the exact number of your guest. Most resorts are actually very strict about this, so be sure to have it right in advance.

4.Tables and Chairs: The beauty with beach weddings is that you could have the same location for the wedding and the reception itself. This could mean that you could save some cash just by that fact alone.

5.Lights: It is all about the lights, as I would like to point this out. Make sure that you use some warm and even colorful lights as soon as the sun goes down. Trust me that the venue would even look more romantic when you have the right lights for it. Bright lights that are almost like the florescent lights are so not ideal for wedding receptions. They are just too disturbing to the eyes and they make the whole scene look ordinary and not romantic.

These are just the basic things that you must remember before you go plan for a beach wedding. Later on, I will share with you how to manage your budget for this type of wedding. It would be so much better if you can do the accounting yourself on this subject. Stay tuned!

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