About Us

How long do gowns require to make?

It is to ensure we get the material in time and can make it.

Yet it is always worth asking if we are able to squeeze you if our schedule’s less than 4 months into it, we’ve been proven to show a made-to-measure gown round in 6 weeks!! (But this will depend on variables like, is the material/lace accessible/have we man-hours left to get it done? how adaptable you’re to come for fittings?)

It’s obviously worth losing us an email if it’s potential to find out, if our workload isn’t overly frantic, and we’ve got material easily accessible then we are able to look in to it.

Am I able to purchase a dress that’s on the rail?

Each of the dresses we’ve are samples for attempting on brides-to-be in their consults that people use, so they are attempted on several times and are not gowns. We don’t sell these gowns, (except in special conditions)

What clothing sizes can you make in?

We are able to make for dimension or just about any shape!!!!

I’d like before I buy my gown to drop some weight how late can it be left by me before buying?

We’d never encourage one to slim down increase the strain that brides feel to slim down before a marriage, whoever is marrying you loves you for you and perhaps not a version of you, or to get right into a gown!!! but in the event you had been planning on slimming down then we are able to take your order anytime , be it 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months prior to the marriage, we are able to leave taking your measures until nearer the time so 3-4 months prior to the marriage, and in case you aim for the optimum fat for about 2 months prior to the wedding therefore we are able to be sure that the gown suits you perfectly

What dimension samples have you got in the store?

We stock an assortment of gowns in sizes and changing shapes, so we are able to hopefully provide you with choices and a general sense on colour ways and various shapes dimensions from 10-24

Am I able to pick any colour?

YES, in the event the materials can be found in the colour you want then it can be made by us for you, materials and all choices may be discussed at your consultation

What’s made-to-measure?

That is where we produce a gown in phases to suit you and consider you measures, you’re going to have to wait at least 3 fittings, and therefore we are able to ensure you are fit by the dress perfectly.

I dwell Abroad, is it possible to make me a dress nonetheless?

Yes, we’ve sent gowns to foreign brides, some have had a toile created first that we deliver around and they’ve fitted with a neighbourhood tailor/dress-maker, then they shoot plenty of pictures of the customer wearing the toile, notes are created and everything subsequently sent straight back to us so we are able to make the actual point. Please consider that you would incur possibly custom fees and courier costs

I’ve an image of a gown, is it possible to make me a duplicate?

No, we don’t duplicate other designers; therefore please don’t ask us to.